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Darkhive Briefs Austin Police Department

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Darkhive had the privilege of providing a first-look at our YELLOWJACKET drone to the amazing leadership of the Austin Police Department. Our team comes primarily from a military background, and while we have speculated that the public safety community might benefit from our unique hardware and software products, we didn't know whether or not the fit would be there. We were thrilled to hear the positive feedback from the APD team that not only is what we are building incredibly relevant, but that the price point we are targeting makes the capability accessible.

A core element of our approach as a team is creating capabilities, not just technology. One aspect of a capability that is often over-looked is accessibility. Most of the time when folks think about accessibility they think of user experience in form and function. Another aspect of accessibility is price point. Our team understands that cost considerations are not just an issue for the military community, they are also important for public safety and first responders. That is why we work tirelessly to source the right domestic hardware components that not only deliver the right technical performance, but that also enable us to keep our costs per unit down in order to deliver accessible capabilities to the user community. Supporting this community and enabling them to perform their jobs as safely as possible is a great honor and privilege that we do not take lightly. Big shout-out to Capital Factory and the Center for Defense Innovation for hosting our team!

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